The Vidoes are awesome!! Keep up the good work...

- Tim VanPinxteren 

Love your new album! Dragon Bone Hill so cool. All of it so inventive

- Gord Fisch
Web programmer, Sys Admin, Musician

@KitusaiBohdan Bought your new album, A Beautiful Day. It's an excellent album! Really like the title song, Insekte, Arpeges, etc. :) Sweet!

- Wisdom of Peace ‏@Wisdom_of_Peace

More of that mystical sound from K & B - eerie and haunting. I particularly like Book of Dreams (title song) and One Step at a Time.

– Ronn

Great finding ! Good to hear unusual music, great vocals and instrumental ! It's just a little treasure... I'm looking forward to hearing the next album !

–  Proudfifille

It's like Lenny Kravitz met an Tibetan musician and an Indian one..! Exotic, unique. The best of world music ! But made in France. Even the story behind this music is original !

– babynefertiti

Transcendent music in exotic tones, a dreamlike delight for ears :) Original, mixture of soft and bouncy, the best of both worlds
- LiliBoudini

Fan Reviews

Through a mutual love for music and its creation, Kitusai and Bohdan met on a site dedicated to the promotion of Indie music - - in the early 90's.

Kitusai was creating wonderful, avante-garde soundscapes and collaborating with other artists on the internet. Bohdan was writing, recording and performing music with a Canadian rock band called Bogart. 

Kitusai and Bohdan traded songs and developed a mutual respect for one-another's music. There was some interest expressed by both parties to collaborate. But nothing transpired. That is... until 2012.

Serendipity brought the two together again and, to date, they have recorded and released four albums.

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